Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playing with Hannah

I had to post some pics of our playtime with Hannah. She went with us to the library and signed up for the summer reading club. The week's prize was a paint set and we had a nice time out on the patio being creative. I threw one of my old t-shirts over her cute outfit and the kids went to work.

It is interesting to see how differently they create. My son definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. He loves mixing and pouring, so instead of putting any paint on his paper. He dripped water into the different colors on his tray, then dripped them back into his little cup. We also pulled out some finger paints at the end. The thicker consistency added more dimension to his blending of paints and water.

What a fun day with our friend.

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dietcokegrrl said...

Cute pics! I'm so glad that she had such a fun time--she keeps asking me when she can go over to play again.

Thanks again!! :)