Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July, 2009

After a productive morning (cleaning the car, little boy's haircut, and small household projects) we headed down to Newport Beach to play with Grandma Carol. We swam in the pool then had a yummy dinner. For Fireworks we watched the Newport Dunes show. We had originally thought that we would pay the $50 to park and play at the resort all day, but in the end found a great spot to sit and watch for free. Daddy dropped us off at Jamboree and PCH, then parked the car and walked 1/2 mile. Here are a few things that we saw and did.



I'm speechless.

Somewhere in that Thomas fabric there is a warm little boy

He emerges to throw some pops with Daddy

Happy 4th of July everyone!


dietcokegrrl said...

Love the sunset pics and the segue (sp??) with the trailer...crazy.

Looks like a fun time!

Jean said...

What a fun Fourth of July!! That segway picture is too funny. Haha!

B Brown said...

I'm totally saving up for a Segway now. They're cheap right? ;)