Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday!

It was nice to be in Utah to celebrate our son's birthday. 3 years! Wow! He firmly declares "I'm 3" instead of "I'm 2 1/2". We had a little party with family in grandma and grandpa's beautiful backyard.

This is the sweetest dog. She is his "Favorite dog" and he like to give her big hugs.

His cousins Emily, Becky, and Aunt Alyssa in the background were some who joined us to celebrate.

The birthday boy received "Zen Ties" from his Aunt Vincenza and Uncle Adam

Thanks for the help opening packages, Uncle Adam!

There wasn't any slobber after he blew out his candles on his Finding Nemo ice cream cake. Of course the ice cream was green and the cake chocolate.

Bones for Aunt Vincenza

The new puzzle kept them busy.

Thanks for coming to celebrate, Uncle Chris and Nicci!


Jean said...

Hooray!!! Happy birthday to Michael! Wow, these are all such beautiful pictures from your UT trip!

dana said...

I can't believe he's THREE! Happy Birthday Michael!

B Brown said...

Celebrating with family- always a blast. I love how kids count their age. It reminds me of Harry Potter with "Platform 9 & 3 quarters".

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY for turning THREE!


So great to be able to celebrate with family in Utah--and what a fun cake!