Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Like a few of our friends (Andersons and Willards) we visited the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival over the holiday weekend.

We had a nice time and I was thrilled to have a yummy strawberry treat.

The highlight was going swimming at Grandma's, especially now that our little green crocodile can swim around the kiddie pool with us.

I love the look on his face while he is trying to keep the water out of his mouth.


dana said...

Glad you enjoyed the strawberries too!

Jean said...

Yay!! We had a fun time at the festival. That strawberry shortcake was delish. It's funny that so many of us went -- next year we should coordinate and go together, haha!!

B Brown said...

We had a good time in Phill, but it looks like we missed a ton of fun stuff this Memorial Weekend! Michael is swimming on his own now? good for him!