Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Free and Hot Day

Today was hot again and thanks to our friends' advance planning for extra tickets, we were able to go to the Huntington Botanical Gardens. It was a special day for me because it was our first big stroller-free outing. The past few times we have gone out the stroller just got in the way. We packed light and, though I did carry the little one for a few minutes, he was a tough guy and we both loved the freedom.
"Look! A little stream." Too bad we didn't have some popsicle sticks.
We heard more of these than we saw, but this one stuck his head out in the sunlight just long enough.

Thanks for a fun day April and Adam!

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B Brown said...

Stroller free eh? Max does prefer to push his stroller these days, I'm just not brave enough to try it yet. We still haven't been to Huntington, looks like we need to add it to the summer agenda :)