Saturday, February 28, 2009


We had some fun times this month. First off, the weather has been beautiful. My camelias are blooming and the jasmine are getting ready to explode. I can't wait to smell them.

We visited the park this morning before heading over to the Rosebowl for a Marine Corps Marching Band performance.

Thanks to cousin Austin for the awesome Army Jeep. We love taking it outside and using it as a bucket, a bull-dozer or whatever.

We weren't able to stay long enough to see the Marine Corps Band, which was a bit disappointing, but we made some great memories, including when our son exclaimed, "terrible" repeatedly during the warm-up band performance. He was referring to the dinosaurs on his cap, but the people around us didn't know that.

All tired out and ready to go home! It is hard work being cute. He was asleep half way to our house and took a nice long nap.

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dana said...

Great photos!! Michael looks so cute. And looks like you had a fun day at the Rose Bowl!