Friday, January 30, 2009

Getty Museum

Our friends April and Adam invited us along for a visit to the Getty Museum. It was a beautiful day and I tried to snap as many pictures as I could. It wasn't easy considering that I am the uptight mother of a toddler who likes to extend his boundaries and explore (climbing up walls, standing in streams, crawling through rock gardens, rearranging flower beds, etc).

Here are a few that I thought were worth sharing.
This is right before he started crawling up the rocky slope.

I tried to snap shots while he was looking at me. He was really on the move.

In the "Family Room" area of the Getty Museum we discovered some fun activities. The boys made masks and enjoyed parading around with them for a little while.

The photo below is of him taking a turn at illuminating some midieval text. The text is from a 15th century Book of Hours manuscript.

Finally, I couldn't pass up a view of Downtown LA and Westwood skyline.


The Hyer Family said...

What great have a great skill for composing a good picture! What a doll he is...I love seeing him at music class--all boy!

Jessica said...

i love the photo of him illuminating - the lighting is just so great. and what a fun project. i want to try!