Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leo Carillo State Beach - Part 1 Camping

Here are pics from our Ward Campout to Leo Carillo State Beach Greetings from Leo Carillo State Beach
Grandma Carol camped with us, too.

We chose the perfect tent site. Right next to Pride Rock.


There really were wild animals around. Squirrels and Bluejays kept us guarding our food during the day, and this masked bandit entertained us in the evening. He almost made off with a garbage bag but we chased him down. Then he did grab a canister of peanuts and took off. We didn't really hear him after that. He was probably too busy eating.

We were busy eating, too. We made Lamb Stew in our dutch oven for dinner and there were yummy breakfast burritos in the morning.
We slept well, stayed pretty warm and really enjoyed the setting and the company.

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Jean said...

Oh fun! Great pictures! We were very sad to miss it. But I'm glad that you managed to snatch a picture of the sneaky bandit. :-)