Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was full of fun. First we headed to Las Vegas for a few days with our extended family. First stop, Shark Reef. Not knowing how short the exhibit was, we moved right through it pretty fast. Instead of exiting when we reached the end, we turned around and walked back to the start and took our time looking at things we rushed past the first time. Our favorite exhibits included the aligator, komodo dragon, pirahna, jellyfish, lion fish, and of course, sharks. Our son was excited to see a Blue Tang (Dori from Finding Nemo). He even wore his orange and white striped shirt so that he could be Nemo. Up close and personal with the gator

Here is the spectacular lion fish. Next to their tank was the Jellyfish, but none of my pics turned out. They were magnificent, too.
My name is Bruce. I am a nice shark.

I am not sure what was going on, but there was this turtle just minding its own business and a shark came by and started nosing its way under the turtle's belly. Crazy.

We also had a lot of fun in the lazy river at the MGM Grand. Cousins make everything more fun!

Leaving Las Vegas!

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