Monday, September 29, 2008

New York trip

Here are some photos from our New York trip: First stop, Salt Lake City to drop off our son with Grandma and Grandpa. I am glad we had a chance to visit with my sister's family while we were there. Then it was off to New York City. It was everything that I expected and more. We went up the Empire State Building to get our bearings and were thankful for the beautiful weather. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Over my left shoulder you can see one of the five NY Waterfalls (a temporary art project if you can believe it).

The weather was great for the most part. We did a lot of walking. Our hotel was in midtown and we were able to walk to Central Park and to Times Square. We got tickets for David Letterman and were surprised when they changed the special quest from Meg Ryan to Barrack Obama. Security was tight. It was a fun experience sitting up close and seeing David Letterman in person.

We finally got to see Wicked. It was fantastic, expecially the music and the costumes.

Friday we took the ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands. The rain started while we waited to take the ferry back to Battery Park in lower Manhattan and didn't stop until well after the Met's were supposed to play. The game was rescheduled, so we didn't get to see them play, but we were still able to get the baseball from Shea Stadium for our collection.

We were more successful at Yankee Stadium (though the Yankees were not). They lost to the Devil Rays. One more baseball makes thirteen now.

Earlier on Saturday we met up with my rad brother and his wife. They were back east for several months and were able to drive in to New York for the weekend and get together. We wondered together around China Town and Little Italy before we had to head off for the Yankees game.
We strolled in Central Park while munching on a bagel Sunday morning before catching the Taxi to the airport. It was already uncomfortably muggy at 9 in the morning.

We were so happy to see our son after being away from him for 5 days. He had a great time playing with his grandparents. They love him so much and took wonderful care of him. Don't let the scowl on his face make you think otherwise.


dana said...

Looks like you did fun stuff!
I'm so glad you were able to go there. Such a fun city.

Katy said...

Wow, awesome trip, Danielle! I was just recently telling Jeremiah I am itching to go to NY.

I have not seen Wicked yet, but I listen to the music all the time and love it! I nearly went to see it in LA over the summer while we were there, but we ended up being too busy. It is coming to SL next spring, though, so I am planning to finally see it at that time.

How fun that you got to go experience all that New York has to offer. And what a blessing that Michael has such wonderful grandparents he was able to stay with, making it all possible!

Jean said...

What a fantastic trip!! Sounds like you definitely hit all the highlights. :-)

Jessi said...

holy cow - Alyssa's oldest (Tim?) looks SO MUCH like Chris in that first picture!

Katy said...

Danielle, I tagged you, so if you want to participate, go to my blog for the rules. :-)