Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th and Not a Baby Anymore

What a fun weekend. For the 4th we met some friends at a nearby park to hang out and watch the fireworks. Since lasts year's attempt to see fireworks fizzled out bad, I was determined this year. Our son didn't want to be contained on our picnic blanket and kept running all over. After 30 minutes of following him and bringing him back, I thought I would take a break and walk with my friend to get dinner. Turns out our little walk turned into a 1.5 miles, so we took the bus back to save our feet and the chocolate shakes. The fireworks were fun. Our son was pretty scared at first and used his blanket to cover his eyes for the first half. After that he relaxed and we started pointing out the colors of the fireworks and copying their noise "boom boom boom". He couldn't stop talking about it on the way home and it was the first thing out of his mouth when he woke up in the morning.

We got him a toddler bed and last night was the first night he slept in it. He did great. He fell right asleep and we didn't hear him until he came walking into our room at 6 this morning. It was a little earlier than usual, so I let him climb in and he slept next to daddy for another 45 minutes. Today's nap was a little different. He escaped twice and I had to calmly put him back. He fell asleep soon and has slept for a little over 3 hours now, so I think he will be just fine.

The other indicator that he is not a baby anymore is that he successfully told me that he needed to go #2 and then went on the potty like a big boy. We have a long way until he is potty trained, but every little bit closer is a nice blessing.


Princess Jess said...

Oh, you're boy is growing up. That is fun and sad all at the same time. Same with my nephews... Glad you had a nice 4th.

Princess Jess said...

Wow, he is getting so big - just like my nephews. Amazing how fast they grow, and how much fun they are as they start walking and talking and turning into little people.