Sunday, April 6, 2008

More airport

We're driving west to go pick up hubby from his class, and I hear coming from the back

"more, more airport"

"more airport!"

I can't help but laugh. He is also doing the sign for more while very passionately expressing that he wants "airport". He has been able to say airport for a few weeks now. Hubby had a few business trips, so on the way to and from the airport I tried to teach our little boy a relevent word to go with airplane. He picked it up right away, but now he says it anytime we head west and/or approach a large parking lot or city area with a lot of concrete.

Keep those synapses forming, little guy!

Here are the other words that he says and we can understand at 20 1/2 months:
(no particular order)
numbers 1-11, hat wet water picture what, Where are you? I love you. Ernie Elmo Sunny sun hippo dog cookie meow cup milk drink juice yellow red purple orange banana truck tractor book color drawing crayon pizza, All done, I pooped, Bert egg yeah no play happy silly head toes nose ear lips hair comb hand table chair kitchen hot cold clock helicopter (hekahoca) puzzle toy airplane diaper sock shoes lunch breakfast basketball baseball football soccer ball wheel car choo choo train track clue help dance Steve Joe show watch bike singing square star circle triangle twinkle hug diamond walk run up down yucky bubble boat bath light lock on off piano park grandma church Owen Hannah Chloe Adam April Sam Barbara crocodile duck bird quack tweet moo cow chicken noodle apple pear peach tree flower butter butterfly penguin bear monkey blanket pants shirt nap sleep lion giraffe elephant bunny rabbit ice cream bucket shovel fish sandwich cheese boat leaf glove pillow blocks Max Jack Talia build climb jump tower tall bug squirrel spider grandpa popcorn mama mommy yummy daddy towel frog cookie bread cupcake cracker snack clean, all clean, gorilla baby, boom boom boom, oh-no uh-oh pancake waffle airport spoon fork straw happened dropped play rock swing

Yeah, we aren't really worried about his cognitive development at this point!

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Princess Jess said...

Isn't it amazing? I chat on Skype with my family each week, and listen in amazement as my nephews, 22mo and 24mo, chatter on in the background. I am astonished at the things they can say. What smart boys they all are!