Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been peed on before, but never twice in one day, by two different children.

Tuesday, I babysat a friend's two daughters (one almost 3 yrs and the other 3 months). They were a joy and I loved it. The older daughter is potty trained and told me that she needed to go, so into the bathroom we went. Perhaps because she didn't like our big potty she ran back out of the bathroom, so I brought her back in and encouraged her to take care of business. We almost had her unbuttoned when she just couldn't hold it anymore. As I rushed to put her on the seat so that the rest would go in the bowl, a little got on me. No big deal. It has happened before. With one toddler needing to be cleaned up and another wondering what was going on and wanting a bath anyway, in they both went, with the baby sitting safely off to the side watching.

Fast forward a couple hours. The toddlers are clean, dressed and playing in the nursery when I walk in to discover a wet diaper sitting on the floor. Where in the world did this come from? I thought. The best answer was my neglect to throw it in the diaper pail after the bath. Ewww. I know better than that. At least they weren't playing with it.

Fast forward another 6 hours. After lunch, naps, and the 2 cute girls back with their own family, it was just my toddler and me again. As we sat together getting his shoes on I experienced a very warm sensation on my leg. He just peed on me. His diaper must have overflowed (since I hadn't changed him since after his bath). How neglectful of me. Serves me right, I thought. Funny surprise when I got him on his changing table and he had NO DIAPER under his overalls. I laughed long and hard and he laughed right along with me. Who would've thought he could reach under his overalls and pull his diaper off. Who would've thought he would go 6 hours without relieving himself. My little boy going commando.

Next time I see a wet diaper laying around there will be a thorough investigation and no jumping to conclusions.


Hollywood said...

I love that you both laughed! My daughter went through a stage where she took off her diaper every chance she got. The only thing I could do to fight it was dress her in onesis but if she was wearing anything else, commando.

Princess Jess said...

Ha, ha, ha! What a smartie. And so sneaky. You'll have to watch out for this one.