Monday, October 1, 2007

Socks - a 45 minute adventure condensed into 3 for your viewing pleasure

Michael is busy all day stacking, filling, sorting, carrying, and dumping. It is very entertaining to watch his mind at work. He is walking now and learning to communicate. The points and grunts are getting more persistent and we hope they will turn into "please" and "thank you" soon. Airplane sounds like "up-ane" and peekaboo is "beekeeboo". Our little genius. He is also getting 4 new teeth, which will bring the total to 10!

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Princess Jess said...

My boss came over as I was watching this, and suggested that you enroll Michael in tee ball when he's old enough. Apparently the entertainment value of watching small children play is huge - totally worth the experience. =) Michael is darling - and I'm looking forward to more posts.